Nowadays, Gascons (or " Anse-aux-Gascons ") has been merged with Port-Daniel. It takes it name from a ship that sunk near Perc� during the first settlements. One of the sailors from Gasconny, hanging on to a piece of wreckage, was tossed about by the sea as far as the bay now known as Anse-aux-Gascons. It is rumoured that the story has a happy ending: the sailor was rescued by the inhabitants and even married a local girl. The fascinating seashore scenery is most conducive to relaxation.

Bleu sur Mer lies in Port-Daniel�Gascons overlooking the magnificent Port-Daniel Bay. From Port-Daniel�Gascons, you can't miss this huge blue and white house sitting on a sandbank looking down over the beach, which constitutes the "downtown" of the village.

Finally, thanks to its sois, capes, promontories, lookouts, fishing harbour, marine beacons, splendid bay, birdwatching sites, historic structures, wildlife sanctuaries, salmon rivers, railway tunnel, natural beaches, historic train station, among others, Port-Daniel�Gascons will truly entice you!

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